Curriculum Vitae of Eng. Massimiliano della Rovere

Graduated in Computer Engineering old regulation and qualified as professional engineer

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A picture of me taken at my wedding
Me, on my wedding day:
Name, Surname
Massimiliano, della Rovere
Living in
Pisa, Italy
Vital record
+√12100139570665638144 (international prefix is already included)
When calling me, do not hide (even partially, PBXes usually do this) your number, or the antispam filter will make the phone ignore your call.
Django people
Messina (Sicily), Italy
Seeking position in
Information Technology
Native language
Other languages
English and Esperanto
Social skills and proficencies
Flexibility to adapt and mediate in multi-cultural environments and teams with people different educational and specialization backgrounds
Teaming capabilities
During my SW-developing job at the Soprintendenza in Pisa I had to research information and coordination of people belonging to different areas, very different from my previous experiences
IT/SW related information
  • Use and administration of Linux, FreeBSD and Windows
  • Programming in Linux/Unix environment
  • Known languages: C, C++ (university and some small utilities), PHP (job), Python(job), XML basic (job), (X)HTML+CSS (job), Bash, Javascript (job), YAML, SQL (mysql, job), UML(job and thesis); Java rudiments (job); Creation of REST services; Websocket; Server Sent Events
  • LAMP e LAMPy programming
  • Used frameworks Prado (PHP), Zope3 (Python), Django (Python), Twisted Matrix (Python), JQuery, ExtJs4
  • Event engine python - asyncio / aiolibs / jinja2
  • MySQL; MongoDB & PostgreSQL
  • ZeroMQ
  • ES6
  • Node.JS
  • Designing in UML2
  • HW/SW organization of LANs
  • Learning Angular.JS
  • Tornado
  • D3.JS
  • Learning React.JS
  • SQLAlchemy
  • IoT: using Onion Omega
  • Sooner or later: improve knowledge of the Go language
  • Sooner or later: learn Python programming on Android using SL4A
SW repositories
Cross-domain (unusual?) knowledge
Cataloguing experience in artistic, historical, ethnic and antropological fields by guidelines of ICCD and in medical field while working at Dedalus
Driving licence
Cars, type B

Job experiences




Intelligent modern boardgames (see the table below), cooking, gardening, origami, metal music, fantasy, new stuff, python, django, and... search for "Massimiliano della Rovere" or "MadeR" on google ;)

I'd like to work…

from home
python event driven technologies testing the limits of a MongoDB/PostgreSQL on BigData with IoT devices
People with different needs and knowledge backgrounds than IT

Authorization and legalese

I authorize the treatment of the data contained in this document along the specification of the Italian privacy law 675/96

Massimiliano della Rovere